Modular structures made of aluminum:


LU4Expo s.r.l. produces and manufactures modular structures made of aluminum dedicated to the processing sector of fairs, exhibitions, stalls, shops, malls as well as exhibitors. The quest for the best solutions for the preparation of fairs found in aluminum the ideal material to create architectural structures bearing inner and outer areas thanks to its lightness, resistance, recyclability, its maximal space saving in transport / storage and a great visual impact.

The different products are characterized by the ease of assembly and modularity allowing to create environments and exhibition stands according to the client's taste and requirements.

ALU4Expo s.r.l. specializes in the production of modular systems made of aluminum, completed for the preparation of fairs, expositions, showroooms, banks, airports, gyms, shopping malls and sporting events like garage boxes.

ALU4Expo structures are made entirely of aluminum estrusion, which ensures an important stability, resistance and lightness; adapting to all situations where it is appropriate to communicate effectively and always innovatively. Thanks to the versatility of the various profiles, it is possible to make the best use of modern digital printing on textiles and panels, creating thereby functional and customized solutions guaranteeing a very good visibility for the final customer.

Available in sizes that the customer requires, they offer the possibility of reuse in different spaces and places, enabling the integration and the implementation of elements regardless of the time, fitting exactly in a modular fashion to those pre-existing.

The different profiles and accessories are compatible with each other and with the whole family of construction of ALU4Expo systems, which is a major asset for preparers (who will be able to integrate to their park facility, these new elements ) for clients and designers who can then create and customize their own productions with a wide range of choice for structural solutions and finishing, and be able to integrate elements from several aspects and design (but united by the same quality and reliability).

The natural evolution of this reality has led to the creation of a range of extruded aluminum profiles, with a range of accessories that allow the realization of many applications. These concern both the transport, and the scope of the design.

The wide availability of stock and quality of care with which the products are manufactured assure ALU4Expo customers that they can get exactly the items they want, when they need them.

The company

ALU4Expo s.r.l is a company belonging to the Group Sir SpA active in the production and manufacture of modular structures made of aluminum for sectors dedicated to the preparation of fairs of exposition and to visual communication. Spread over an area of ​​17,500 square meters, Alu4Expo succeeded in approaching the preparation of fairs market in a dynamic and constructive way and by focusing on the different qualities of aluminum, which makes of it a major player in this sector thanks to its characteristics such as lightness, resistance, reaction to fire (fire-proof), the ability to give a good visual impact, modularity, the rapidity of assembly, thus optimizing the transport and storage in order to maintain an optimal quality/management cost ratio.
Within the eatures of the ALU4Expo system there are the adaptability and compatibility that makes all the parts removable, in order to use minimal space during transport so that the solutions for exhibitions professional get limitless.

The wide range of products available in stock, the qualified technical advice and the special care with which items are selected gives ALU4Expo customers the opportunity to get exactly the items they want, when they need them.

ALU4Expo conceived and designed the elements in a sustainable way and materials that compose its products are reusable and can be easily separated at their end of use, encouraging recycling and reducing waste. With this responsible approach for of preparation and use of environmentally friendly materials, it produces in a more environmentally friendly way and respects human health better.

Constantly looking to the future, ALU4Expo can be defined as a company which continually evolves, always looking for innovative, practical and conceptual solutions in the field of fairs preparation and visual communication.


ALU4Expo products are manufactured in aluminum, ensure high stability, robustness and lightness. Successfully tested by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with the following standards: EN 12811-1 and EN 74-1, they are adapted to make preparations in environments open to the public such as reception rooms, showrooms, and shopping centers.

Technical Notes and warnings

Materials and heating treatments

The profiles are made of the aluminum alloy EN AW - 6060. Heat treatments are performed at temperatures and with the modalities of the UNI EN 755-2 table.
Anodic oxidation

The profiles provided ANODIZABLE have a finish surface according to European Standard UNI 10681-98 (ex UNI 4522-66) for architectural parts exposed to a rural or urban atmosphere with non-industrial periodic maintenance (10 microns layer).


The nominal dimensions shown for extruded profiles are sensitive to the tolerance according to UNI EN 755-9 standard.
The weights are calculated in linear kg/meter.
Extrusions' matrices are subject to wear: for this reason, the weight of the extruded has a minimum (new matrix) and maximum (matrix with maximal wear tolerance).
These weights are considered as acceptable only if the profile dimensions are located within the tolerances defined by the UNI EN 755-9 standard.
The weight shown is a statistical average, not a theoretical value (weight profile with nominal shares).
Modular aluminum structures

ALU4Expo structures were designed as a response to the demanding exposure market for providing a lightweight, modular and autonomous structure and for building booths and  partition walls which are easily customizable.

The use of aluminum alloys guarantee lightness and resistance while the design and process with cutting and punching machines ensures the perfect interchangeability of parts.

The system is based on profiles which easily assemble together with clamps and is thought to be assembled with a single "brugola" key, even by unskilled personnel and without the use of lifts; with extremely reduced assembly time.

ALU4Expo systems are characterized by ease of installation and modularity that permits to create environments, build exhibition stands and freestanding walls for all tastes and needs
Aluminum opted for:

Its lightweight: very light metal, in fact, its specific weight of 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter, is equivalent to one third compared to weight of steel.

Resistance: its lightness allows a greater availability of loading and space. Thanks to its qualities, aluminum is particularly resistant to corrosion by atmospheric agents.

High reflectivity: optimally reflects the light, providing the brightness of the structure.

Flamme proof: it is totally refractory to fire.

Aesthetic: beautiful and adaptable to all requirements of space and form, it is quick and easy to assemble the modular aluminum structures, that are characterized by safety and elegance.

Storage and mooring: thanks to the modularity, transportation and storage are facilitated by reductions in size and weight.

Management costs: the sum of the characteristics of the modular structures mentioned above allows lower operating costs.

Environment: This is a recyclable material with which it is possible to build booths, garage boxes in circuits, boutiques and billboards. The aluminum, if it is properly treated leads to the continuity of the life cycle of the green product, reducing its environmental impact.


Exhibition solutions

ALU4Expo s.r.l has developed a system to meet the needs of the construction of an area of visual communication in a continuous manner and regardless of the type of environment.

ALU4Expo products are fully compatible between each other, and are suitable for the construction of exhibition stands, boutiques, freestanding walls, and office equipment thanks to the reliability of the structure, the intuitive mounting due to its modularity that easily adapts itself to various areas of exposure.

The fully reusable structure allows not only an economy in terms of payback, but also the continuous versatility of a preparation that fits every space and every need.

The conception of the elements and the high quality of the material allow its use without needing to cover it. So, this is a modular system, which can live over time according to the changes and necessities.

The total adaptability to every space: allowing a preparation to whatever location and whatever the need with a range of finishes and colors.

Easy transport and storage: enabling scalability and space optimization.

Fully recyclable structure: which meets the requirements in terms of environmental protection and planning of the entire life cycle of the product.

Architectural structures

With ALU4Expo s.r.l. products it is possible to create architectural structures and structural systems for exposure in small and large areas and to combine various molded extruded profiles between them (available in several sections: 4, 8, 10 up to 12 cm).

It is also possible to use ALU4Expo products to build temporary prefabricated buildings that can be assembled without the use of special tools.

The structures are composed essentially of columns and beams made of aluminium connected to each other by rapid mechanical fasteners. The use of extruded aluminum provides light up to 8 meters.

The lightness of the elements makes installation extremely easy and quick.

Profiles design

In addition to the range of standard extruded aluminum and if the customer can not find in the wide range that contains our catalog that fulfills their needs, ALU4Expo studies, develops and produces profiles and accessories based on specific needs.

Customizing the design of extruded aluminum profiles allows to achieve very high level results.

Cutting and packaging

Custom cut

ALU4Expo offers the unique service of punching, custom cutting and packaging of the aluminum extrusions using machines for special mechanical work in order to be able to provide the customer with the product ready for installation and the use with the chosen dimensions.

Technical advice

The staff qualification of ALU4Expo's technical office can help to solve many problematics:

       •     definition of the project and product features;
       •     product selection appropriate to the specifications;
       •     installation and assembly;
       •     treatment of any abnormalities.


Expo System

The modular system used is an aluminum structure, essentially consisting of two basic elements: the pedestal (octagonal, square, round, ...) to which are attached sleepers by means of clamps.
In the hollow of the pedestal and the sleepers, PVC panels of 4 mm are fixed. Starting from this simple combination are developed free-standing walls and partition in a booth.

Thanks to the quick connect system, the installation of structures is very quick and easy, even for less experienced people; with a simple key one is able to make a perfect fit.

Smax Banner

Smax Bammer is an ideal modular system for creating exhibitors and equippable dividers. It consists essentially of two basic components: Telescopic floor stand with adjustable height and horizontal beams on which it is possible to fix the printed sheets. Each pedestal has a base which makes the wall self-supporting and stable with the possibility to choose between different shapes and weights.

The system is complemented by a serie of accessories such as brochure holders, spots, snap frames, tables, shelves, etc., with which it is possible to customize each created structure as needed. Custom printing on canvas sets occasionally films and several visual communications.

The peculiarity of this system is the ease of installation with the futility of tools for its assembly.

Exhibitors and structures

With ALU4Expo products it is possible to create and compose exhibitions, panels, lasting exhibitors, as well as offices, totems and furniture which have an extraordinary lightness and capacity.

Versatility and exclusivity are available to designers to provide solutions acording to different requirements by interfacing aluminum structures with new digital printing techniques applied to surfaces, guaranteeing instant communication.

Tex Fix

ALU4Expo proposes a series of aluminum profiles to integrate with digital printing on tissue.

With these products it is possible to install custom suspensions in exhibition centers or malls as well as frameworks on which are applied printed tissues.

Profiles for suspensions

Aluminum profile to mount suspensions with digital printing on a textile or rigid support.

The profiles have a maximum length of 600 cm, they can be cut according to the transport restrictions, but they may be connected by retractable connectors.

Thanks to its shape, calendering is simple and allows to mount and suspensions of various shapes and sizes.

Textile Frames

Profiles to make aluminum frames ideal for a textile support digitally printed.

The profile system allows to quickly create aluminum frames to apply on walls: mural impressions on a unlimited size textile, with sizes ranging from small formats to the biggests.

The advantages of this system are:

     •   Rugged and invisible aluminum frame.
     •   Quick and easy to assemble.
     •   A wide variety of textile products can be used.
     •   Reuse by changing the press, without disassembly.
     •   Customizable dimensions.